Stay CALM, Your Nanny is in Control

CALM stands for Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act and is the poster child for the nanny state.

  The law which came into effect on December 13th of 2012 requires the FCC to limit the volume of TV commercials from being broadcast at louder levels than the TV program the ad is accompanying.

The Nanny StateAre you kidding me? Regardless of what you hear on Fox, this was not a left wing conspiracy. It was sponsored by a Republican in the Senate and a Democrat in the House. For four years the two parties can’t agree on anything, taking us to the edge of the “fiscal cliff” with their obstinance… but yet they can agree on THIS? The next time I hear a Republican talk about their Libertarian leanings CALM is the first thing I’ll bring up, and I doubt I’ll be calm about it.

Do we have no free will or even choice anymore? Maybe I like my commercials loud. Or how about personal responsibility? Is it too much to ask someone to use the remote to turn down the volume during commercials? Can’t we just not watch stations that blast us? No…. we have to have the federal government pass laws to save us the trouble.

What’s scary is the number of times I’ve heard “Oh yeah, that’s a good idea.” 🙁

Strangely enough, technology has already made CALM moot. Some TV’s come with a volume leveling option today. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s standard on every TV. But thankfully we won’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to turn that option on since our nanny, the Fed, has stepped in to protect us.

Of course this isn’t really new. Today people can’t buy XL soft drinks in NY city, 22 states require all motorcyclists and riders to wear helmets, Happy Meals aren’t so happy in San Francisco anymore where they’ve banned toys. Some governments are starting to monitor your recycling and you can be fined for not recycling enough or even worse, in Concord MA is it now illegal to sell plastic bottles of water. Where does it end?

Oh, and now… don’t make me monitor the volume level of my own TV. (We’re not talking about disturbing the neighbors here.)

Normally I’m not much of a political admirer of New Hampshire with their vastly overrated importance handed to them every four years (along with Iowa) but I do love their state motto – “Live Free or Die”.

All I can say is, stop thinking of it as a wasted vote. Vote Libertarian before it’s too late.


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