Nexus 4 – Dead to Me

Nexus 4

If you read my prior post you may have noticed that I was salivating over (at that point) the coming Nexus 4.

 The product announcement has come and gone… along with my desire to own one.  One of the main things I’m looking for in my next phone is fast Android updates.  Waiting a year to get Ice Cream Sandwich for my Bionic drove me over the edge with Motorola so I have to find an alternative.  Naturally that means a Nexus phone right?  No one is going to get updates faster, it’s Google.

And while the Nexus 4 will still hold up to that promise, the rest of the specs didn’t exactly throw gas on my fire.  In fact it was more like water.

Non-removable battery.  Is Google trying to copy Apple?  Next they’ll be making special screws like Apple so only blessed techs with the divine screwdrivers can open them.  But I can deal with this.  I can’t recall the last time I’ve had to replace a battery.  Remove to force a reboot yes, but replace (as in a new one) not in years.

No microSD card slot.  This is more of a phone usage issue and I understand the direction, i.e., into the clouds, but we’ve still got some time before the cloud is ubiquitous enough the handle all the needs.  But for me, I don’t store a lot locally so I’m OK with no microSD.

No 4G LTE.  Deal breaker!  Regardless of what Google’s explanations are for leaving it out, I still don’t get it.  But obviously there are millions of people who don’t care because Google is selling them about as fast as they can manufacture them.

So what’s a disillusioned Bionic owner to do?

Maybe I’ll wait until February and get the BlackBerry 10.  I just read an article quoting a financial analyst who “…  believes BlackBerry 10 sales performance next year will be even more impressive than he initially thought, and he upped his fiscal 2014 shipment estimates” and said “…  RIM’s darkest days may be behind it.”  Of course he’s long in the stock.

OK, just kidding about the BB10, although I may get into the stock… short.

For now, I’ll keep looking for Android nirvana.


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