10 Reasons I Want an Android Tablet

It looks like 2012 will be the year of a sea change in tablet sales with many of the promises from 2011 starting to reach fruition.

   There are some really nice Android tablets out there and the price war is just beginning. I haven’t bought a tablet yet but the time could be near.  So in order to help justify to myself the purchase I decided to list the top ten reasons for me to get a tablet.

iPad Tablet Computer

#10.  I don’t want an iPad. For those of you who haven’t noticed I’m not a big Apple fan.  Although I will give them credit for creating the current market for tablet computers I expect their lead to suffer the same fate as the iPhone.  Apple seems to be content with reduced marketshare as long as they can maintain their pricing structure.  It’s worked for them for years with the Mac, they’re headed that way with the iPhone, and I see no sign that they will change their strategy for the iPad.  But just like Windows versus Mac, eventually all major apps will be for Android first and iOS second – if ever.

#9.  My phone isn’t big enough. I love my Droid Bionic, and compared to other smartphones the screen is great.  BUT – my eyes aren’t what they used to be and it would be nice to have a bigger mobile platform for a lot of the apps that I use.  I get tired of wearing glasses but they’ve become necessary for my constant phone interaction.  A nice 10 inch screen with pinch to zoom would be much welcomed.

#8.  Google has better nicknames for Android. You’ve got to admit that Google’s names for the various Android releases such as Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and the latest Ice Cream Sandwich… are way better names than Apple’s names for iOS such as Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Lion.  Boring.

#7.  There are a million things I could do if I had one. I’d use it as an eReader, I would stream YouTube (if there was anything I wanted to watch), I’d browse the internet, I’d Skype people (if I had anyone to Skype).  I don’t want to bore you listing all the other things right now, but trust me, I know I’ll think of them.

#6.  My wife has an iPad2 and she thinks she’s cool. And of course being the geek of the family I can’t have another family member having more cool gadgets than me.  That’s just not right.

#5.  I want to be able to stream movies to my flat screen TV.  And guess who doesn’t have a video output?  Right, Apple thinks you don’t need one – no HDMI, no RCA, not even a VGA.  I guess we’ll need one when Apple says we do.

#4.  I want to write an Android tablet app.  I can still geek it up when I’ve got the time and it would be really neat to write something that I would use a lot.  Talking about your cool factor.

#3.  I want to say I bought something better, more powerful than an iPad for a lot less money.  Yawn.  Can you say Mac/PC, iPhone/Bionic?  I’m on a run so why not keep it going?

#2.  Because I don’t like Apple and I’d look like a dork with a BlackBerry Playbook and god knows I don’t want Windows.  (I think that says it all.)

And the #1 reason that I want to get an Android Tablet is…#1.  I don’t have one.  So I need one. 


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