The Case for Pro-choice

First I must apologize to the loyal fans of iGeekTalk for my hiatus. Work and school has taken its toll on my blogging time. As for the topic, I’m sure many are concerned about my foray into such a volatile topic. But while this article is about politics instead of technology, it is not the Pro-choice that may first come to mind.

I’m referring to the choices of candidates for the presidential race in 2016. Actually I don’t spend a lot of time reading about politics these days; in fact one could describe my modus operandi as following the headlines. And the depressing headlines I keep seeing are about the presumed upcoming battle for US President between the two anointed ones: Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. Really? Out of almost 320 million people in this great country can we do no better than more retreads from the same families?Jeb and Hillary

Personally I’ve had enough from the Bush family. I’m not into the dynasty model for the US. Of course it is entertaining to see the press avoid that term with the Bush’s given how they bandied it about for decades with the not so dynastic Kennedy family. Although I will have to give the Bush’s credit in that they seem to behave… and no one has gone on a deep dive date in a river yet.

And Hillary, don’t get me started. As for dynasty, I’m guessing she would love to not be associated with Bill, if it weren’t for the fact that she is where she is because of him. Awkward.

The bigger point is about the rigged system this country uses to keep out candidates that are not in one of the two major parties. At the time when the US needs Libertarians the most I seem to read stories every week of some state trying to keep them off the ballot. I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that the rules are made by Democrats and Republicans. And I’m sure both those groups are always acting in the best interest of the voting public.

It is a sad thing when the best person to be President would not do the things it takes these days to be President. But even so, I’d trust someone who says “Government is not the solution, government is the problem.” Vote Libertarian.